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Riding the On-Line Video Tsunami

With current trends, it's hard to argue that the tsunami of online video isn't coming. The decision whether to catch the wave or get washed away has to be made. Consumers, especially millennials, demand it, and if you want them to stop on your website you'd better have something to watch, and better yet, a story to tell.

Those same consumers are also increasingly sophisticated browsers--in 2 ways. First, they have no patience for poor quality, so a video with bad lighting, scratchy sound, and shaky camera will get clicked off in a heartbeat. Second, millennials have a nose for authenticity. If it isn't real, it won't work--unless it's so awful that it's funny and goes viral, which is not the kind of viral video you want.

The consensus of the video industry, as we advise every prospect, is that no video is better than bad video. High quality video, video worth watching, will rise to the top of the wave, the rest will get washed away in the flood. The only medium that can come close to telling your story as well as you is video, but unlike you, video never sleeps or takes time off, and is available 24/7/365.

The good news is that many businesses are still procrastinating, resorting to excuses, not finding the budget, not comfortable in front of a camera, not knowing where to start, unfamiliar with the process etc., etc.

Their procrastination is a window of opportunity for you to dominate your market. The challenge is how to catch the wave without resorting to poor quality DIY video--and do so with a budget that makes sense.

The applications, styles, and treatments are only limited by imagination, budget, and time. But any possibility to dominate your market requires tapping your imagination, adjusting your budget, and making the time to get a video marketing strategy together.

No two companies are alike so their videos shouldn't be either. Each of our videos is custom made, working hand in glove with our clients.

While you are waiting, your competition is facing the same challenge. That window won't stay open forever. Make this the year that you ride the wave and give us a call to find out how.

The Post House is accepting clients who want to partner in online video strategy, production, and distribution. Our batch and release program can be customized for 120, 240, or 360 day campaigns, all with flexible terms.

To explore these and other video possibilities call to schedule a discovery meeting.

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