• By Frank Byrne

So Much for the What, Now for the Why

Naturally we go on about how everyone should be getting on the video bandwagon, see Tsunami post below. That’s the what. The next series of posts will deal with the why.

Here’s one now: A website with video is 53 Times More Likely to Get on The First Page of a Search Engine Results Page. (source: Forrester Research)

Businesses invest a lot of creative, management, and financial resources in trying to harness the power of the internet to their advantage. Most of the emphasis is on enhancing SEO. The whole idea behind Search Engine Optimization is to get as high a search result ranking as possible.

We have a client in the Eau Claire Chippewa Valley area. This well-established, multi-generational, regional leader in the asphalt paving market consistently ranked at the top of the "blacktop paving companies" search page results --until the video. We produced an introductory video for them and posted it on a Tuesday. By the end of the week, the videos, which were hosted on YouTube and embedded on their website, showed up as the top 3 results, dislodging their website's previous ranking #1 ranking in just three days.

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