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Web Video Strategic Planning

A customized web video marketing strategy is the first step to set your ideas into motion

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  • Video Marketing Analysis

  • Campaign Planning

  • Creative and Ideation

What WE DO

Award-winning video production, animation, and photography for business,
non-profits, and documentaries. 
Give us a call to learn how video marketing can help YOUR  business.

Video Production

Video production is hard, but we'll make it easy for you to get your message out there.

Click below for a list of ways

you can use video for

your business, and CONTACT US to schedule a free consultation.

Video camera, slider, lights, and microphone


Video Types

Industries Served


Financial Services

Medical and Healthcare



Point of Sale


Trade shows


Human Services

Non-Profit Groups
Real Estate


Independent Film Makers


Web Video Marketing

We know the trend toward online video is strong and growing, but most businesses still aren't sure of the many ways that video can be used once it's produced.


We can help.  Click below for a FREE consultation on how video can be used to promote your business on-line, via email campaigns, landing pages, social media and more.


“Our hospital has hired The Post House numerous times for many projects and every single project has been a good experience. Don is detailed and experienced and knows how to get the job done...many times with a crazy tight deadline!"

“I worked with The Post House on 15+ video projects including a grassroots fundraising campaign, social media campaigns, short films and a highly successful higher education advocacy campaign for the UW System in the state of Wisconsin. Don has a level of professionalism and storytelling expertise that exceeds expectations. I can quite frankly state that all the projects were incredibly successful not because of me but because of Don - period. A testament to Don's dedication to tell a client's story in a manner that it is relevant to the audience and remains timeless, is evident in the fact that after I left the companies that hired Don, they continue to contract his services. Don has my highest recommendation. I look forward to working with him on future projects."

“I've had the pleasure of working with Don on video projects as a fellow creative, and now I've enlisted The Post House's services as a consultant for my company's video needs. I would recommend The Post House for any project you want to be proud of and for which you have the audacity to also want to enjoy during the process"

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