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Post House Consultation

The Post House is your one-stop-shop for all things video. Contact us to learn how to tell your story and create your dream video campaign.

At The Post House, we offer a variety of ways to market your business, including:

  • Web video content marketing services - using industry-leading content and inbound marketing principles--that we've customized specifically for video--to match the services your company is offering to the people who are looking for it.

  • Award-winning video, photography, and 360 VR production services - with experience in over 50 genres ranging from 72-hour training seminars to 5-sec blink ads--and everything in between.

    Our collaborative team of experienced freelance writers, producers, and cinematographers have been working together for over 20 years. And our latest Communicator Award for The Ridges Sanctuary is a prime example of what can be done when we work together to create solutions for our clients.


  • Cutting-edge digital and social media marketing services - that are laser-focused on getting more eyes on your videos. This includes YouTube channel setup and optimization, a 20+ point YouTube Video SEO program, and multi-platform cross-marketing tactics for getting your videos seen on all the major social media platforms.

We also offer a variety of cost-saving production and video marketing packages including:


  • Batch and Release Video Marketing Package - with a variety of customizable plans that save both time and money by creating a whole series of videos from just a few days of shooting.

  • Video/Virtual Tour Combo Packages - that save money and offer businesses a marketing video AND video walk-throughs or 360 virtual tours for Google Business Views. These are great ways to tell your story AND show off your facilities across multiple media channels.

  • Video Search Engine Optimization - on all new videos to align them to your marketing campaigns.

  • Video Editing/Social Media Marketing Services - for corporate marketing DIYers to create branding consistency and social media marketing success for videos produced in-house.

  • Video Marketing Audit and YouTube Video Rescues - where we take a look at your existing videos' performance, target market, and message to determine whether you can reduce, reuse, or re-launch them using the techniques above to put your existing content back to work for you.


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