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2015 Will be the Year of Video Marketing

I'm not making this stuff up, but I must say its about time. Since we've been putting videos on the web since before YouTube was even launched, its fair to say we've been on the bleeding edge of video technology for the web. Those of you who know me know that I've personally sat through countless hours of encoding, experimenting, and testing the best codecs and methods of production to get the best bang for the buck for our customers. I've also witnessed some of the most amazing technological breakthroughs in media technology--from production to delivery.

What hasn't changed much over the years, however, is the effectiveness of video over other marketing mediums. It's certainly had its cycles--most noticebly the swing from high "production value" videos of the 90's and 2000's to the "user generated" lower quality videos with the advent of consumer HD cameras, the web, and YouTube.

At The Post House, we're still on the bleeding edge--at least in this market--and we'll continue to learn, develop and create meaningful content for our customers in a way that makes the most sense for THEIR needs and budget. And the best part--we'll continue to work with our customers to find the best solutions to their problems-at the best price.

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