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How to Use Video in Your 2020 Marketing Plan

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Execute Your 2020 Video Projects with Ease

[Part 1 of our Video Marketing Toolkit]

There are a ton of reasons to use video in your marketing these days. As marketers, we all know that. In fact, over half of consumers of all ages show a consistent preference for video from companies or brands they support.

But the need for video doesn’t negate the complexity. It can be a huge undertaking, which means if you’re going to do it, chances are you’ll need to dedicate a significant amount of resources to creating your video, whether you do it in-house or outsource it to a video agency or freelancer. Depending on the type of video, there can be a lot of planning, coordinating, scheduling, and managing all the details that takes your precious time.

This series is intended to make things a little easier for you and give you some tools to help you execute your video project with ease.

Let’s start with the types of video you can include in your marketing plan for 2020:

If you want a video that will...

Increase Sales

  • TV Commercials, Pre-Roll, and Social Media Ads

  • Email Videos

  • Infomercials

  • Content Marketing Videos

  • Brand Anthems

  • Sponsored Videos

  • Landing Page Videos

  • Explainer & Whiteboard Videos

  • Promo Videos

Educate Your Customers/Employees


  • How-To and Do-It-Yourself Videos

  • Just-in-Time Learning / Videos on Demand

  • Maintenance Videos

  • Website FAQ Videos

  • Live, Two-way Video

  • Internal Training Videos

  • Tutorials / Screencasts

  • Customer Support Videos

  • Post Sale Support / Follow-up Videos

Explain Your Company’s Services

  • Corporate Overview/About Us Videos

  • Annual Report/Review Videos

  • Executive Presentations

  • Employee Bio Videos

  • Staff Presentation Videos

  • Facility Tour Videos/360

  • Lobby / Waiting Room Videos

  • Trade Show Videos

  • How-It’s-Made Videos

  • Webinar Videos

Drive People Back to Your Website & Build an Audience

  • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram) Videos

  • VLOGs

  • Email Videos

  • Focus Groups and Polling

  • Interactive Videos

  • 360 Videos

  • Tutorial Videos

  • Episodic Videos

Introduce a New Product or Service

  • Product Intro Videos

  • Product Demos

  • Product Reviews

  • Visual Stories / Music Videos

  • Video White Papers

  • In-Store Videos

  • Explainer Videos (Whiteboards, Animated and Live Action)

Convince a Customer to Buy Your Product

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Success Stories

  • Video Case Studies

  • Man-on-the-street Interviews

  • Customer Presentation Videos

  • Top 10 List Videos

  • FAQs Videos

  • How-To Videos

Help and Find New Employees

  • Conference/Trade Show Videos

  • Employee Orientation / On-boarding Videos

  • Health, Legal & Safety Videos

  • Employee Updates

  • Employee Interviews

  • Recruitment Videos

  • Training Videos

Increase Public Awareness & Build Trust

  • Video Press Releases

  • Ask the Expert Videos

  • PR Support Materials

  • Community Relations Video

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Corporate Leadership Interviews

  • Video Press Releases

  • EPK (electronic press kit)

Record or Promote an Event

  • Presentation Videos

  • Round table Sessions

  • Q&A Expert Sessions

  • Behind the Scenes Videos

  • Recorded Webinar Videos

  • Podcast Videos and Audio

Video Marketing Toolkit - What’s Next?

So where do you start? How do you go about getting started with one of these videos? And how much do they cost? How can you save money? And how can you get them seen to get a great ROI? And finally, how can you re-purpose what you've done into a variety of new videos for other marketing opportunities? We’ll be talking about all that in our next few blogs. Stay tuned, or give us a call at 715-858-0454 to schedule a consultation and we can help you figure out which type would make sense to help you reach your goals.

Booking for Q1 and Q2, 2020 We’re scheduling shoots for Q1 and Q2 now, so if you’re thinking of getting going on video before summer, contact us now to get on the schedule!

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