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Introduction to the New Website

Thanks for visiting our new website. Hopefully, this new site will allow us to connect with you more often as we share ideas on the current and evolving products and services from the maze of web video marketing.

As we enter our 15th year in the Chippewa Valley, we really wanted to thank our customers who have been with us through the years. We sincerely appreciate your business and hope to continue providing innovative ideas and services in the years to come.

To our new customers, you should know that we've been providing most of these services for years. Some are new, like our Web Video Strategy, Video SEO and Distribution services. Though we've been preaching video strategies for years, only recently have we given it a label--and specified a medium. Every video is built with better SEO in mind--with key words and searchable language that connects with your customer.

Most importantly, you should know that we've always felt that "Content is King." Every video we produce is custom designed with the end-user in mind. We work closely with you to make sure that the content will be relevant and that we are capturing your best interest at heart.

Ultimately, we identify the audience and build your videos to match their interests and expectations. Sometimes this isn't easy to do on a budget, but our goal has always been to do the very we best we can based on your budget. And regardless of what that is, we'll make sure that the "content" is in there. We're big believers that our business is a business first, and a creative outlet second. The two can certainly go hand-in-hand, but we listen to your needs first, and work within the budget to create content that works. If it requires a Hollywood budget, we can do that too.

Second, we recently upgraded some of our services--most notably our shooting and editing capabilities. Last year, we upgraded our edit system to Avid's top of the line Symphony Suite. And in October, we took a relatively huge leap forward with the addition of a new HDSLR camera, rig, and other tools to improve both the quality of our cinematography and our post-production work flow.

We want to thank you again for your interest, and hope you find the new website more helpful and user-friendly--on all of your devices.

(If you've never heard of "content marketing", "inbound marketing", "Video SEO" or any of the other terms we're using here, please give us a call and we'll be happy to stop by or connect by phone anytime).


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