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Is Your Business Ready?

Will the growth of web video today be similar to what happened to the growth of the internet ten to fifteen years ago?

Remember? Everybody rushed to get on the web and speed trumped content. Many settled for a digital version of the company’s paper brochure. Sadly, many haven’t improved much since.

It should be pretty obvious that no video at all is better than bad video. Lack of video only shows that you either aren’t ready or haven’t figured it out -- bad video proves it.

Well yeah, you might ask, what else would you expect a self-promoting industry to say? But it’s more than that. Video or otherwise, a prospect can rightfully question the quality of your product or service by the quality of how it is presented. A bad video can damage your brand.

With video poised to take up 80 percent of web traffic by 2017, demand for video is outpacing supply at an accelerating rate. As a result, we're seeing many one-size-fits-all, do-it-yourself kits and templates slithering into the supply gap. (Yes, that was a snake oil reference)

All the products we have seen have one thing in common; they offer of a simple solution that totally ignores the hard reality that producing effective, high quality video is a necessarily complicated process.

That complexity, perhaps along with video's disproportionate effectiveness compared to other media, has resulted in a myth that video is also necessarily expensive. But compared to radio, billboards, and mass media print, its peanuts. Especially when distributing your video via the web.

The best play to harness the power of video to enhance your brand without busting your budget is a video marketing strategy that provides a steady stream of high quality, content-rich, unique-to-your-business videos, delivered to your target audience over a sustained period of time at various points along their path from prospect to client.

If you've been thinking about video for your business, but just haven't figured out where to start, now is the time to make the move. We can help.

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