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Casting Call for Training Videos!

Looking for some extra money for Christmas? Applications are now being accepted for actors to help in some new scenarios for the Augmented Reality videos we are producing for the CVTC Nurse Training program. We are looking for actors for approximately 2 hours each on November 23rd and December 8th in Eau Claire.

On November 23rd, we are looking for actors to portray a 28 year old female paralysis patient; an 80 year old male dementia patient; a Hmong mother and daughter who will need to speak in their native language; an 80 year old female long term care resident; a 20 year old female who just gave birth and is deciding whether or not she should give the baby up for adoption; a 40 year old female paranoia patient; and a 16 - 18 yr old male with sexuality questions.

On December 8th, we are looking for actors to portray a caucasion mother, about 60 yrs old who has a daughter with terminal cancer; her caucasion "daughter/patient" in her 30's, preferably thin who will be a cancer patient; a caucasion female heart attack patient in her 40's; and an African/American heart attack patient, about 60 years old.

Please note that you don't necessarily have to be the exact age--since "looking" the age would be fine. Also, some roles may not necessarily be gender-spedific and other ethnicities will be considered for this or future scenarios.

The scenarios are basically a short series of scenes (about 5 on average) of each person talking to a nurse from the nurses perspective. Each "scene" will be anywhere from :10 to :30 long, or shorter. There will be a teleprompter so lines DO NOT have to be memorized. The whole shoot shouldn't take much more than 1-2 hours.

There may be some moulage makeup applied for simulating bruises, lack of color etc.

Please forward this to anyone you know that might like to take part. Acting experience preferred but dramatic people are encouraged. It IS a paid gig.

These video segments will be used in an augmented reality software program for nursing students only. Questions? Feel free to give us a call at 715 858 0454.

Please share this with anyone you know with acting experience or a flair for the dramatic!

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