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5 Essential Videos Your Business Needs in 2016

At current trends, 80% of all online traffic will be video by 2017. To be sure, the quality will vary wildly, not unlike some of those TV subscription packages that offer over 400 channels - - with only a dozen worth watching. The best way to compete with the tidal wave of videos we’ll see flooding the market is to make sure yours is worth watching.

A recent benchmark study by Vidyard shows that the lack of an effective video marketing strategy and inadequate budgets are the top two barriers to companies developing a video marketing plan. Yet in the same report, the importance of video as a content type remains high, with over 90% of respondents reporting that they will increase their video budgets. The best way to assure high quality video, as opposed to low quality amateur video, is to budget accordingly.

We can work with you to make your videos as affordable as possible, without compromising quality, and suggest these 5 Essential Videos as the place to start. This combination of show-piece and functional videos can put you well on your way to implementing a sound and effective video marketing strategy.

1. Overview/Company Profile Video

Think of your profile or overview as the video combination of your about us and what we do tabs. While marketing tactics have evolved, the basic challenge of marketing remains the same; getting a prospect to know, like, and trust you. No media can say more about your company as eloquently, efficiently, and effectively as a well-produced video. Your profile video presents your company, in its best light, for the world to see, and with the web it can be seen 24/7/365. That said, it is the last thing you want to compromise due to budget concerns.

2. The Explainer Video

Tied for second place as most effective type of video is the explainer. The explainer is a term unique to video because only video pulls elements together that engage the viewer on so many levels. The combination of artwork, music, voice talent, all woven together with the motion of animated graphics, keeps the viewers eyes glued to the message. The explainer is a problem / solution presented in a visually attractive and captivating way. Done well, an explainer makes the benefits of working with you obvious and closes with a call to action. Explainer Video

3. Animated Infographics / Statistics Video

Lists are especially interesting and particularly easy to consume. Animation makes it even easier. Statistics are inviting because they promise a very limited time commitment from the viewer and that they are going to learn a lot without much effort. Listed information is more easily digested than in a cluster or paragraph, and also easier to remember. Lists or stats of pertinent information build trust by presenting you as the authority in your niche.

4. Success Story / Testimonial Video

Interestingly, the benchmark study showed video users find customer testimonials to be the most effective, but also that they are the most difficult videos to produce. Any prospect wants what your happiest customers already have - - success. Tell their stories. Remember, it’s not bragging when someone else says it. Let them explain how your product or services helped them meet a challenge. A success story is lot more powerful to a prospect when told by someone in their shoes.

5. How-to / Tutorial / Demo Video

The second place tie for most effective video type is the demo, how-to, or tutorial. You Tube is the second biggest search resource after Google, and the most common You Tube search is for instructional advice or how-to videos. Tutorials are another effective way to present yourself as an authority but also show good will by giving away useful information in providing a free sample of your expertise. As a rule, the demo video is less complicated from a production standpoint so it can also be the most cost effective video in your archive.

Get these essential videos right and you will have a solid foundation on which to build your video marketing strategy. The Post House stands ready to help conceive, design and implement a video marketing strategy. Call or email to arrange your free consultation.

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