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More Actors Needed for Nurse Training Videos

​It's that time of year again when we'll be needing actors reperesenting a broad spectrum of nationalities, genders, ages, looks, and appearances. Our next video shoot, set for August 19th includes specific calls for a teenage male patient who has or could act out the symptoms of asthma.

Scenario Description

This is a teenage male patient who has known asthma. He presents to the Emergency Department with a moderate exacerbation of this asthma.

Actor Description

Male, 13-16 years old. Look no older than 16. Average height build. Hispanic or African American ethnicity preferred. Comfortable shooting video without a shirt to capture the chest movements when breathing. Actor will be coached on how to perform simulated asthmatic breathing. The patient actor does not need to have any medical knowledge/background.

These are padi acting gigs, and usually take the better part of a morning or afternoon. Please contact if you or someone you know are interested in helping out.

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