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5 ways to get More Out of Your Web Video

A real shame about video is how underutilized it can be once produced. If you have a nice quality minute or two it makes no sense to simply limit it as a stand alone piece on your website alone. Here are 5 quick, easy, and free ways to get more out of your video buck.

  1. Tell a good story.

Good stories are more likely to be shared. People don't watch videos to see ads, they watch to be entertained...and to be educated. If you can combine the two, you have a winner. The best videos get the viewer emotionally involved.

  1. Go viral. Once it's done, email it to everyone you know. Well, maybe not your 90-year-old Aunt Ethel, but you never know, she might know someone who knows someone. At the very least, every past client, current prospect, and email acquaintance should get a personal announcement and invitation to view, along with a kindly request to share with anyone they know who might find it useful.

  2. Strategic Placement. Don’t hide the most attention grabbing and holding content you have deep in your website. If you put a video on a page where the copy as copy, 80% will watch the video compared to the 20% who read the full text. Put your video on the top of the page either centered or on the right.

  3. Optimize for SEO. Search engine optimization may be the most surefire way to get your video noticed. Use keywords in your title, description and copy to increase possibility you will be found.

  4. Social Media. Even if it is not necessarily formatted for social media you should still use those platforms to link prospects back to the video on your website. If you have a Facebook page, Linked- in account, or YouTube Channel, post your videos at will. If you don’t use these platforms, start, even if only for place to put your video.

If you can incorporate ANY of these things into your videos, they'll be sure to provide better results. If you can do them all, you'll be well on the road to successful video marketing.

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